My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 27 (End of Act 1)

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


Another long chapter, after chapter 13...... This chapter is speeeeecial one~ this took me about not less than three quarters days πŸ˜…

27 - Kazuto-kun Goods

"Even Kazuto-kun will find it creepy, as expected....... I made Kazuto-kun dolls and sleeps with them in my arms every day......." (Rinka)
"Th-that's not true." (Kazuto)
"Really?" (Rinka)
"Yeah." (Kazuto)

When I nod, Rinka's expression changes from teary-eyed to smiling.
She regains her smile as if she has blossomed.
......Well, I'm surprised, though.

If it's just one doll, I'll have smiled, but as expected, four dolls are scary.
How long does it take to make a felt doll?
It's only been a month and a few weeks since Rinka and I met.
Isn't that a pretty fast pace?

"Actually, there are more." (Rinka)
"What, More Kazuto-kun doll?" (Kazuto)
"No. It's the second set of Kazuto-kun goods." (Rinka)

Rinka says a little proudly.
As I watch to see what she's going to do, Rinka flips through a poster of Star☆Mines on the wall.
What emerges there is――――a mini-poster with a cut-out scene of me eating in a classroom.......!

"How do you think? Don't you think he's really cute?" (Rinka)
"I don't think so. I mean, isn't that a voyeur shot......? I'm not looking at the camera, and I don't remember being shot in the first place." (Kazuto)
"It's not a voyeur shot. There's nothing voyeuristic about taking a picture of your dear husband, isn't there? (Rinka)
"......" (Kazuto)

This is high level.
I never think my first date can be so tumultuous.......!

"Every night before I go to bed, I hug Kazuto-kun dolls and look at Kazuto-kun poster.......Fufu." (Rinka)
"Rinka shouldn't be the one looking at the poster, she should be the one being looked at, right." (Kazuto)

A very popular idol is making dolls of me, taking a voyeur shot, and making it into a poster.
Oh man, this is terrific. (PTW/N: read; yabee~ yo yabee~ yo)

"I'm sorry, Kazuto-kun. I'm slightly aware that what I'm doing is weird." (Rinka)
"Eh, just slightly aware?" (Kazuto)

"But I just can't stop my feeling....... If I can live under the same roof with Kazuto-kun, my desires would be more or less satisfied." (Rinka)
"I-is that so......?" (Kazuto)

I'm speechless.
I've never expected that Rinka's desire will be this much.
.......Wait, speaking of which.

"You did mention the second Kazuto-kun goods, didn't you? Perhaps, there is also a third one?" (Kazuto)
"Of course." (Rinka)

Rinka opens the pencil case on her desk and takes out her eraser.

"I've got a picture of Kazuto-kun's face pasted on the eraser's cover." (Rinka)
"――――" (Kazuto)
"This way, I can feel close to Kazuto-kun's presence even while studying. Don't you think it's groundbreaking?" (Rinka)
"...... I guess, so............" (Kazuto)

I don't know what face to make anymore.
And even I don't know if I should laugh, be surprised, or be shocked.......
Which one is the right reaction I should have?
For the time being, I decide to be pleased.
To be treated like an idol by a super popular cool idol, isn't it a wonderful thing!

"W-well, ...... as a man, I'm very happy to be liked this much." (Kazuto)
"Really? I'm worried that even though you are a gentleman, you might be repulsed to me, Kazuto-kun." (Rinka)
"No, no, no. Think about it. It's not that different from the way idols have always sold their goods, isn't it? So, this's not so different from that." (Kazuto)
"You're right. Thank you, Kazuto-kun. For accepting such a me." (Rinka)

......Well, there's a difference between having consent and not having.

"I'll ask you, but you don't have any goods about me more, do you?" (Kazuto)
"......It's not goods, though......" (Rinka)

Rinka opens a drawer in her desk and takes out a sheet of paper.

"That is?" (Kazuto)
"This is our marriage registration. It has both of our names on it." (Rinka)
"Yes, you've crossed the lineeee~! This is dangerous! And it even has Ayanokouji's seal on it!" (Kazuto) (PTW/N: Learn more about marriage registration (Kon'in-todoke):

It's a crime.

"Don't worry. I made this marriage registration myself, and I've left off the necessary fields, like the registered domicile, so it won't be accepted even if I submit it." (Rinka)
"I-is that so?" (Kazuto)
"Please rest assured, I know what I'm doing." (Rinka)
"Y-you're...... sure you know...... what you're doing?" (Kazuto)

I'm confused.

"Every time I see this marriage registration, my heart is filled. It's right, I and Kazuto-kun are a married couple." (Rinka)
"O-oh......." (Kazuto)

Rinka hugs the marriage registration and smiles with satisfaction.
On the other hand, I'm confused.

"Real-world is inconvenient. There is an age limit for marriage and such....... But don't worry. Even if we are not recognized as husband and wife here, our hearts tied up in the game world are real." (Rinka)
"...... Y-yea." (Kazuto)

What a surprise.
Shocking facts are revealed one after another.
It's not that her love is heavy.
But, she's already entered the realm of perversion! 

"............This is creepy after all, isn't this?" (Rinka)

"What?" (Kazuto)

As I tremble in trepidation, an anxious, downcast Rinka asks me in a quiet voice,

"From an objective point of view, my behavior is beyond the limit. Aside from dolls, erasers, posters,............ marriage registration are weird, right." (Rinka)
"......." (Kazuto)

Objectively speaking, everything is weird.

"No matter how gentleman you are, Kazuto-kun, you sure don't like a girl who does weird things like this, do you............." (Rinka)
"That is not true." (Kazuto)

Rinka keeps talking while looking down, even though I've given an immediate answer.

"It's okay, you don't have to force yourself. If you think I'm creepy...... you can cut me out of your life." (Rinka)
"What are you talking about?" (Kazuto)
"I love you from the bottom of my heart, Kazuto-kun. That's why, I wish and priorities for Kazuto-kun's happiness." (Rinka)
"Rinka......" (Kazuto)
"If I become a burden to Kazuto-kun, ............ You can divorce me." (Rinka)

We're not even in a relationship yet.

"I'm sure you'll meet a better woman than me, Kazuto-kun. So if I interfere with your happiness, I――――." (Rinka)
"Rinka." (Kazuto)

I call her name to interrupt her words.
She raises her face that looks as if she's about to cry and stares back at me.

"As I said before, I will accept Rinka as she is." (Kazuto)
"But didn't you think my behavior is going too far, did you?" (Rinka)
"Yup." (Kazuto)
"...... See, I knew it." (Rinka)

Rinka snorts.
When I look at her closely, I can see her eyes are moist.
I think she might really cry if I treat her badly here.

"If it bothers you so much, why did you tell me about Kazuto-kun goods?" (Kazuto)
"... I value the relationship with my heart. That's why I decided that I should say it when Kazuto-kun asks me. To let him know the real me I've hidden until now...... " (Rinka)

If I never asked, she would have kept it to herself forever?
......No, it's not.
It's a secret that Rinka, who believes in the supremacy of the pure heart, is so afraid of being exposed.

"Please be honest with me. If you can't keep up with me any longer...... please don't force yourself to do. I don't want to be a burden to you, Kazuto-kun......." (Rinka)

She turns her eyes away from mine and says such a thing with a slightly quivering voice.
For her, her closet is a Pandora Box.
If you open it, disasters and incidents will spurt out.
However, still.
Hope still remains at the bottom of the box.

Everyone has a secret they don't want to be exposed to.
It's no different even for a very popular idol.
But Rinka is prepared to be hated and told me.
Thinking of her own beliefs and my happiness, she chose to tell me.......
So, to answer her determination, what can I do for her?

......Haha, there's only one thing I can do for her.
I'll tell her how I really feel without hiding anything.
Because we've――――been interacting with each other in the world of online games for several years.

"Rinka." (Kazuto)
"......Kazuto-kun......?" (Rinka)

With tears in her eyes, I confidently answer Rinka as she waits for my response.

"I, whatever Rinka is, will accept her as she is." (Kazuto)
"......Really?" (Rinka)
"Yeah, because I'm...... deeply in love with the very existence of Mizuki Rinka." (Kazuto)
"――――" (Rinka)

Rinka's eyes widen and she takes a breath.
Without paying attention to her, I slowly begin to speak.

"Even if Rinka isn't an idol, I'll still be in love with her. I know my words will be harsh, but even if Rinka is surprisingly ugly, it won't change my mind." (Kazuto)
"......Kazuto-kun......." (Rinka)
"Well, if she is actually a man, I'd like to make him taste one punch. Haha." (Kazuto)

I try to laugh and say something to make her laugh.
However, Rinka, whose cheeks are dyed bright red, only holds her mouth with both hands.
She gazes at me with eyes so moist that tears about to spill.

I want to take away her anxiety and turn it into joy.
And now, is the very right time to say.

"I――――love Rinka." (Kazuto)

I say it clearly.
I say the words I haven't been able to say before.
I don't need courage or anything.
I just say what is obvious, as if it's natural.
That's all.

"Kazuto-kun ......, even if I'm like this, are you really okay?" (Rinka)
"It must be Rinka for me. What you're worried about? If it's about voyeurism and dolls, I'll just have to laugh and accept them, won't I? Well, if I notice them, I'll make some comments, though, but it won't make me hate you, even for the slightest." (Kazuto)
"......Kazuto-kun......" (Rinka)

"I guess, liking someone means accepting everything about them. It's never about having expectations or imposing ideals." (Kazuto)

If I hate Rinka after learning her secrets, it isn't because I love her, it's because I love Rinka with the cool idol label on her.
It is not about liking Rinka the way she is.
And that was something that Rinka had said many times before.
In the online game, you can throw away the labels and expectations imposed by the public.
It's the only place where you can face others genuinely and purely.

"I'm sorry it took me so long to say this. I've been in love with 'Rin' for years." (Kazuto)
"............." (Rinka)
"Even after I found out who she actually is, my feelings won't change. It's not about your status as an idol or your beautiful looks, I love Mizuki Rinka. Even in real life...... please go out with me on the premise of the marriage." (Kazuto)

I said it. I've said everything.
Finally, Rinka burst into tears and slumps down, holding her mouth.

"......A-are you sure? I definitely will continue to...... cause troubles for you, Kazuto-kun......." (Rinka)
"Yeah, Bring them to me. I won't lose either." (Kazuto)

I squat down beside Rinka and pat her head gently.

"Kazuto-kun......" (Rinka)
"Rinka......" (Kazuto)

We stare at each other's faces from a very close distance.
Our gazes intertwine, and my attention is focused solely on the lovely being in front of me.

"......" (Kazuto/Rinka) 
"......" (Rinka/Kazuto) (PTW/N: 😝)

It doesn't need any cue.
I put my hand on Rinka's cheek and she quietly closes her eyes and raises her chin.
It's obvious what we're going to do now.
I slowly bring my own lips close to the fresh lips before me.
And finally, just before our lips overlap――――――

"I'm home~! ......Eeh~ Here we have Kazuto-bro's shoes? Ah, maybe Kazuto-bro is coming to play!? Yaay~!" (Nonoa) (PTW/N: AAAAARRGH!!!! $:#((@(#-&?!!!!! AGAIN, HUUUUUHHH!?!?!?!? Well, at least Nonoa-chan, NMT ~Nonoa Maji Tenshi~ comes into the page. So, you have my forgiveness, thor.)


"I thought your family wasn't coming home until this evening?" (Kazuto)

I question Rinka with half-lidded eyes.
What is the meaning of this?

"......It was supposed to......, kid is sure whimsical, after all." (Rinka)
"I can't help it then....... Well, that's also convenient." (Kazuto)
"Convenient? What do you mean by that?" (Rinka)

Rinka tilts her head.
I chuckle lightly and say.

"It means we can immediately report this to Rinka's family, right? That we've officially been dating." (Kazuto)
"Kazuto-kun......!" (Rinka)

She calls my name in a voice that sounds like she's overcome with emotion.
It's very cute.......
As I'm enjoying Rinka's charm, she opens her mouth as if she has thought of something.

"Then, we should officially submit our marriage registration――――" (Rinka)
"It's too early for that. I'm only 17 years old. I can't get married until I'm 18." (Kazuto)
"That means it's okay next year." (Rinka)
"Right, right, next year is okay, no way I'll say it, won't I? It'll be a scandal and your carrier would be ruined." (Kazuto)
"Don't worry. Nothing is impossible in absolute marital love." (Rinka)
"......Haa~. We're not officially married yet, you know............" (Kazuto)

Rinka has never wavered.
I'm sure she will continue to act like a wife.
Even though we've become lovers, my daily life still doesn't seem to be ably restoring its composure.

Aah, seriously ......huh?
I wonder, what's going to happen from now on.

Rinka smiles happily, but I have no choice except to let out a bitter smile――――

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[End of Chapter]

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