Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 34

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 1 - The Hungry Idol Part


[He's on his way back. Also, a message from your father. If there are no problems, you can continue to be an idol for a while longer.] (Rintaro)

It was twenty minutes after the concert when I received such a LINE chat from him.
I read it over and over again, and it made my smile broaden.

Rintaro must have done something about it.
I made a mistake in a song where I had to take the center. There was no way my father would let such a serious mistake go.

"Hey, Rei!? Don't grin at me when you make an uncharacteristic mistake, okay!" (Kanon)
"Mm......? Ah, so Kanon was there." (Rei)

In front of me stood Kanon, who had taken off her costume and was dressed casually.
From the look on her face, it was clear that she was very angry.

"Don't gimme "so you were there"! You! Do you know how worried I was on the stage!?" (Kanon)
"I'm really sorry about that. I was a little distraught." (Rei)
"......Well, if you're apologizing, fine then. Just be careful next time, kay!" (Kanon)

Kanon said and left with the makeup artists to remove her makeup.

I know it. I won't make the same mistake again.
In the middle of the concert, I felt a sense of suffocation that I had never experienced before. I hadn't been afraid of singing or dancing in front of people since my debut, but today I felt as if my body wasn't even my own.
It seemed that I am more vulnerable to pressure than I thought.

But, I'm already――――

"......So, What did Rintaro-kun say to you?"
"Eh?" (Rei)

Suddenly, his name, which I had been imagining in my head, was mentioned, and a dumbfounded voice leaked out.
Mia, standing in front of me, was giggling with amusement.

"I couldn't help but look with her because Rei was so blatantly looking towards the special seats. He was trying to shout something. And then she went back to her normal self, and I thought maybe he had said something." (Mia)
"......Honestly, I didn't know what he said." (Rei)
"You didn't? Well, it was obvious that you couldn't hear him from that distance......." (Mia)
"But I think Rintaro probably wanted to say something like this." (Rei)

Where are you looking at, look ahead!

I tried to cling to the support of a guy named Rintaro, but he pushed me away.
It was only natural.
I am an idol, and there are fans who have come to see us at the venue. I have to do my best to respond to them.
Of course, my father and mother are also important to me.
But I didn't become an idol to make them smile.
A lot more――――I wanted to put a smile on the faces of many more people.
I remembered my origin, and I'm sure I won't make any other mistakes.

"...... Rei really likes him, yes?" (Mia)
"Like...... yup. I like him. 'For eight years now'." (Rei)

My hand gripped my smartphone with strength.
In the third grade, my father took me to a party for adults, where I met Rintaro.
I couldn't be allowed to eat sweets back then, but he was the one who taught me how delicious they were.

It was also a boy named Rintaro who taught me the joy of sharing a meal with someone else.

"Rintaro made me smile. That's why I wanted to make people smile just like him. Rintaro is the one who led me to this path of being an idol." (Rei)
"Yes, yes, I've heard that many times before." (Mia)
"Muu, I'd like you to hear more." (Rei)
"Give me a break. I'm not so tolerant as to be able to give ear service to other people's love stories, you know?" (Mia)

Once Mia told me that, I straightforwardly backed off.
I really wanted to talk more about Rintaro.
If I could, I would talk to him, but I'll hold off until he remembers me.
I don't want to bring up Rintaro's past, which has been darkened by his mother.
One day, when he remembers me naturally, I'll thank him again.

"Thank you for making me smile that time."――――that's.

"But I didn't expect that Rei would go through the trouble of acting just to get in touch with one boy. How did you manage to come up with a situation where you collapse from hunger?" (Mia)
"That wasn't an act. I was really hungry and couldn't move." (Rei)
"That's what I'm worried about, you know.......?" (Mia)

The day I reunited with Rintaro――――To be precise, we met again when I entered high school, but we didn't have any conversation, so I won't count it.

Originally, I was going to have my manager take me home that day.
When I got home, the maid would cook for me. If I had just gone home, I would have been able to go to school the next day without any problems.

But then I found him. I saw him walking through the roundabout at the station.

I immediately told the manager to stop the car and I got off at a place I normally wouldn't get off.
It would be a lie to say that I was attempting to impress him in this situation.

In fact, I wanted to talk to him in a friendly way, by saying, "What a strange coincidence, yes". But I almost collapsed because I was hungrier than I thought.
I was lucky that I didn't have to ask him out for dinner, but I still feel embarrassed when I think about that moment.
But I'm really glad I had the courage to do it, because it gave me the opportunity to break into.

"Mia, I've made up my mind." (Rei)
"...... Let me ask you what you've made up." (Mia)
"I'm going to work even harder to make Rintaro "fall in love" with me." (Rei)
"Hee...... I was wondering why I couldn't hear your sleeping breathing, so you were awake at "that time", huh." (Mia)
"......Sorry." (Rei)
"It's not a problem. We weren't talking about anything we didn't want to be overheard." (Mia)

On the day of the housewarming party, I was listening to Mia and Rintaro's conversation from the bed.
At that time, he said it clearly.

He said he couldn't fall in love with someone he'd only known for a month or so.

"——So, I'm going to try my best to spend more time with him and make him more aware of me. To be honest...... I don't know what I should do." (Rei)

It was an incredibly high hurdle for someone like me who had zero love experience.
But I really want to get over it.
In order to make the lyrics of "Golden Morning," which "I wrote while envisioning a boy named Shidou Rintaro", come into reality――――

"I see....... Then, I'll have to work hard, as weel." (Mia)
"Eh?" (Rei)

I was so engrossed in myself that I couldn't process Mia's words quickly enough.

"Rei, the mean one who was eavesdropping on me, must know about it, right? You know, about I made an approach to Rintaro-kun." (Mia)
" said it was just a kidding." (Rei)
"What could have been a joke could have been a joke. Plus, when someone wants something, you kind of want it too, don't you......." (Mia)

Mia looked into my eyes and moistened her lips with her tongue.
A chill run down my back, a chill I have never felt in all the years we have been working together.

If I had to compete with Mia, then, I would be――――

"――――Oo~psie. Rest assured. I'm really just kidding." (Mia)
"...... it's really bad for my heart." (Rei)
"But Rei, you can't relax, okay? I might really fall in love with him in the future, and Kanon is no exception. And you know, there are more girls out there than just us." (Mia)

In a corner of my mind, the face of class-rep, Nikaido Azusa, came up.
Come to think of it, I thought she was talking to Rintaro proactively when they ran into each other at the aquarium.
It seemed that what Mia was saying was not as funny as it seemed.

"For now, I'll be rooting on you, Rei. Until one day I really want Rintaro-kun." (Mia)

The only thing that didn't sound like a joke to me was her bewitching smile as she said that.

The story of my love for Rintaro may possibly be more difficult than I imagined――――

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[End of Chapter]

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