My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 50

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


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50 - The Neat and Tidy Idol

"So this is Kiyokawa's house......." (Kazuto)

Sweat drips from my forehead by just walking around the city after school. The sun is biting.......
I didn't go home first, I went directly from school to Kiyokawa's house.
I stopped at a vending machine on the way, but it took me about 10 minutes to arrive at Kiyokawa's house.
It's a two-story wooden apartment. It has a long horizontal structure. The walls are blackened and have a slightly shabby appearance.

"......This is not a house where the neat and tidy young lady lives." (Kazuto)

If the fans find out about the house, it'd certainly ruin her image.
No, on the contrary, I'll put my bet that her popularity will increase because of the gap.
Thinking about this, I walk up the stairs and put my feet on the second floor.
Remembering the number of Kiyokawa's room, I follow it in order and arrive at the last room. The name Kiyokawa is written on the doorplate. This seems to be the place.

Incidentally, Kiyokawa's mother is away on business. So she's the only one at home.
So, what's the problem?
I and Kiyokawa are friends. Things are never going to get worse.
I think Rinka and Kiyokawa trusted me and allowed me to go to his house.
I let out a deep breath and push the doorbell.
I hear a jingle, and a few seconds later, I hear Kiyokawa's voice say, "Yes".

"Umm, it's me, Ayanokouji." (Kazuto)
"Yes. I'm coming." (Ayane)

Immediately, the door is opened with a bang.
Of course, the person there is Kiyokawa Ayane. She has taken off her wig and now has her natural bobbed perm welcoming me.
And for some reason, she's wearing a gym uniform.

"Good day, Senior Ayanokouji." (Ayane)
"Good day......, why are you wearing a gym uniform?" (Kazuto)
"It's my loungewear." (Ayane)
"Pardon me?" (Kazuto)
"It's my loungewear." (Ayane)

The same words are repeated tediously. She looks at me as if it's an obvious thing.

"Is there, something wrong with my appearance?" (Ayane)
"No, there's nothing wrong." (Kazuto)

I'll give that answer for now.
Is it normal for girls to use their gym clothes as loungewear?
I don't know either. After all, I've never had a conversation with a normal girl before!

"Is it really? If you have something to say, please say it clearly." (Ayane)
"You don't look like a neat and tidy young lady at all." (Kazuto)
"You really said it really clearly, huh....... Well yeah, I'm aware of that as well." (Ayane)
"It's like, ah, that. You've become a very pretty girl who can be found anywhere." (Kazuto)
"E-eh, what? I don't know whether I'm being praised or disparaged.......?" (Ayane) (PTW/N: Once again, that's a womanizer for ya!)

Kiyokawa tilts her head in a curious manner. It's just a normal cute gesture.
She has halted acting like a neat and tidy young lady.
And now, she's just being herself.

"Well, that's fine. Please come in." (Ayane)

At Kiyokawa's urging, I step into the doorway.
This means that I have not only visited the home of a cool idol, but also the home of a neat and tidy idol.
If their fans find out about this, I'm definitely going to be crucified, no doubt.

"This is my room. Please make yourself at home." (Ayane)

The size of the room was about four or five tatami mats.
A pale pink single bed is placed along the wall, and a laptop is placed on a mini table. I wonder if she's playing Black Plains by that.
Other cute dance props are placed on the chest of drawers, and deformed plushies of Star☆Mines members were sitting near the pillows of the bed.
I don't know, but I guess I could say it's a typical high school girl's room.
It feels more modern and girlish than Rinka's calm room.

"Don't stare around too intense. Or I'll pinch your arm." (Ayane)
"Sorry. I'm just curious about the neat and tidy young lady's room." (Kazuto)
"The neat and tidy young lady is just an act." (Ayane)
"Then you're a closet high-school girl." (Kazuto)
"I'm not! I'm just your normal high school girl!" (Ayane)

She denies it firmly there.
She pinches my right arm just enough to keep it from hurting.

"Please sit down wherever you want." (Ayane)
"Okay." (Kazuto)

I sit down near the mini-table. I feel the comfortable elasticity of the carpet on my butt.

"Umm, here's the novel I wrote. I'll give you the first part of it. You should be able to read it in about ten minutes." (Ayane)
"Okay." (Kazuto)

I receive a stack of manuscript papers from Kiyokawa, which she pulled out of her desk drawer. It's really handwritten.

"Let's see, the title is......, "To You at The Bend". It sounds like a story about a man and a woman colliding at a bend." (Kazuto)
"Yes. They do." (Ayane)
"Ah, they do, huh. What, is the woman having a loaf of bread in her mouth?" (Kazuto)
"Yes. She is, why?" (Ayane)
"......" (Kazuto)

With this conversation, I was able to predict the story to some extent.
It's probably just a rigid template story.
Well, I like both templated and non-templated stories, so anything is fine with me.
I pick up the manuscript paper and start reading.
The introduction of the story is quite familiar. It's started with a scene of a high school girl...... Miyuki (the main character), who is late for school, running through the city with a loaf of bread in her mouth.

And soon, there comes the bend.

The moment Miyuki comes to a bend, she collides with a handsome high school boy who suddenly appears, and Miyuki is blown away like a projectile and hit by a truck to her death――――!!! (PTW/N: A la mak~, sanity-al damage!)

"Wait a minute! The main character died!? And more importantly, what the h*ll that kind of repulsive force is? She just collides with a person, you know!" (Kazuto)
"Yes, she's dead." (Ayane)
"No, Dead is a What? Are you kidding me? Is that all you have to say?" (Kazuto)
"No, it's fine. Please just read on." (Ayane)
"It's okay my a*s! The protagonist is dead here......." (Kazuto)

But the straight-faced Kiyokawa urges me to read on.
When Miyuki dies, she finds herself as a baby, and from her surroundings, she knows that she has been reincarnated as a villainous noble's daughter――――

"Man, it's a reincarnation pattern huh! And a villainess one! I thought this was a real-life romance⁉︎" (Kazuto)
"Who said it was a real-life romance? I didn't say a word about it, did I?" (Ayane)
"You certainly didn't! But the title sounds like a real-life romance!" (Kazuto)
"That's merely Senior Ayanokouji's assumption. Please don't put the blame on me." (Ayane)

She tells me crisply. I'm not convinced, though.
I feel like I've been caught in a title scam.
It's not just a rigid template story, but a monster one that specializes in betraying expectations.

"Senior Ayanokouji. Are you reading it?" (Ayane)
"Y-yeah. I am." (Kazuto)

Anyway, let's read through the first part as Kiyokawa told me.
It's nonsense to assume a work is worst just within the first few pages.
Miyuki learns that she is a villainess and tries to get along with the people around her in order to get over the bad-end that will eventually happen to her. This scene continues until about the end of the first part of the story, when Miyuki is walking through the city, she collides with a boy at a bend, blown away, and is run over by a carriage――――and, it's the ending of the first part of the story. (PTW/N: Duh gusti~, I'm dead. [Villainess*(Isekai)^2].)

"......" (Kazuto)
"How's it, Senior Ayanokouji? Did you read it all the way through?" (Ayane)
"Yeah, I did. I have mixed feelings about it, but I'm anxious to see what happens at the end! How many more times is Miyuki going to be killed by the guy at the bend?" (Kazuto)
"No, this is not that kind of story. This story is a legitimate love story about a villainess." (Ayane)
"Legitimate? Which the h*ll is the part that legitimate? Miyuki-chan, she's getting killed all over the bend by those bend-men. It's not a romance anymore, okay." (Kazuto)
"That's the shocking encounter element." (Ayane)
"That encounter element gives the physical impact that brings her to death." (Kazuto)

Well, I've said a lot, but I've never read a work about a villainess.
Maybe this kind of development has been established as a template?
I think it's hard for people to accept such heretical novels.

"It's only the prologue. From here on, it's going to be a sweet pure love story." (Ayane)
"I can't imagine that at all......." (Kazuto)
"Would you like to read the rest?" (Ayane)
"Well, I'd be happy to read it." (Kazuto)
"I understand. Then――――ah." (Ayane)

It's when Kiyokawa takes out a stack of manuscript papers from her desk drawer. A sheet of manuscript paper that has been stuck underneath flutters down to my hand.

"Hmm?" (Kazuto)

I casually pick it up and look it over.
The title is "My Web-Game's Friend My Boyfriend".

"No, you can't do that! Please don't read it!" (Ayane)
"Why not?" (Kazuto)
"You can't do means you can't do!" (Ayane)

Feeling impatient, Kiyokawa snatches the manuscript out of my hands with a quick movement.
She puts it in the drawer, taking care not to rip it.
The way she looks at the manuscript, it's clear to anyone who looks at her that it's a novel that has been treated with more care than "To You at the Bend".

"I'd rather read that novel." (Kazuto)
"No, you can't. Because, this one is...... written by full-blown delusion......." (Ayane)
"Aren't all novels delusions?" (Kazuto)
"No, it's different. The muscles brain used to write an interesting story are completely different from those used to create a delusion." (Ayane)
"Huuh, is that so." (Kazuto)

I've never written a novel before, so I don't know much about it, but it seems to be different anyway.
I don't have a good analogy, but I guess it's like a tank and a healer are aware of each other's feelings.

"I want to read your delusions, Kiyokawa-san." (Kazuto)
"No! It's really embarrassing!" (Ayane)

She raises her voice and rejects me seriously.
I don't even make any slightest movement, but the red-faced Kiyokawa is trying hard to hold down the drawer.

"So can you tell me what it's about?" (Kazuto)
"It's embarrassing to tell you what it's about." (Ayane)
"Come on, just a little." (Kazuto)
"No. I've never let anyone read this, so I'm not going to....... I didn't write it on the assumption that anyone would read it in the first place." (Ayane)
"Well, if you insist, I won't push you. But I've seen the title......, so I can guess what it's about. You're talking about flirting with your online friend, right?" (Kazuto)
"Ugh. ...... Shall I hit you with a blunt object to erase that memory?" (Ayane)
"Stop it please, you sound serious." (Kazuto)

When I see Kiyokawa thinking about it rather seriously, I start to feel fear. I'm really going to get killed.

"Umm, can you please keep this novel a secret from my seniors?" (Ayane)
"It's okay, and I don't think it's something you should be so embarrassed about. It's much more like a romance novel than "To You at The Bend"." (Kazuto)
"No, you can't. This is not...... a novel to others read......." (Ayane)

I wonder what she's thinking. With a weak smile on her face, Kiyokawa gently strokes the drawer where she keeps her manuscript.
Kiyokawa is thinking about the person she'd never be able to meet with, and she expressed her world in the form of words.
I don't know if I can call it a delusion, but I think the driving force is pure and innocent thoughts.

"......You really like that your friend, don't you, Kiyokawa-san?" (Kazuto)
"Yes, I do, is that wrong?" (Ayane)
"There's nothing wrong with that. It's just that you don't know...... his face, do you?" (Kazuto)
"Yes. But it has nothing to do with the face. I don't like a person because of the face, I like the face of the person I like." (Ayane)
"......" (Kazuto)

I can't help but fall silent.
It's just too pure and innocent.
I like the face of the person I like....... That's a wise saying coming from Kiyokawa.

"What's it......? Do I have something on my face?" (Ayane)
"No, I was just wondering what kind of player would be able to get that much favor from Kiyokawa-san. Can you tell me the name of your friend?" (Kazuto)
"Don't wanna." (Ayane)
"W-why not?" (Kazuto)
"If I tell you, you'll definitely search him." (Ayane)
"Well, I'll probably." (Kazuto)
"That's why I won't tell you. Senior Nana and the others have asked me a few times, but I haven't taught them." (Ayane)

You don't tell Kurumizaka-san and Rinka either? Then there's no way she'll tell me. Let's just give up.

"Then tell me the name you use in the game, Kiyokawa-san." (Kazuto)
"Don't wanna." (Ayane)
"Why not? It doesn't matter, does it! The four of us will be online together soon enough!" (Kazuto)
"I won't tell you even if it is. It's my way of getting back at Ayanokoji for bullying me." (Ayane)

Kiyokawa turns away from me with a pout.
It's a far cry from the neat and tidy young lady's gesture, but it's a very cute gesture.

"Did I do something bad to you?" (Kazuto)
"Eee, many times. You've called me a closet person." (Ayane)
"Da~mn...... I've been teasing you for a while now, and it's starting to pay off......!" (Kazuto)

Oh well. I can be sure that I'll find out about it sooner or later.
I'm looking forward to the day when the four of us play online games together.

"I'd like to ask you a question, what is the name of yours, Senior Ayanokouji?" (Ayane)
"It's Kazuto." (Kazuto)
"No, it's not what I mean! I mean your game username!" (Ayane)
"I won't tell you." (Kazuto)
"...... Are you trying to get back at me by any chance?" (Ayane)
"Yup." (Kazuto)
"You're such a kid, yes." (Ayane)
"Shut up." (Kazuto)

I don't know who's more annoying.
But this atmosphere is not bad either.
I feel like we're able to talk to each other without reservation.
The other person is of the opposite sex, but I don't think of her as the opposite sex in a weird way.
It seems that Kiyokawa is the same way, and while she expresses her emotions honestly, she doesn't become grumpy in the true sense of the word. I guess this is what friends do.
I guess.

*Chirp* *chirp*!
A cute little bird chirps from Kiyokawa's smartphone on the table. From the sound quality, it sounds like an alarm. Kiyokawa picks up her phone and turns off the alarm.

"I'm sorry. It's time to go to my lesson." (Ayane)
"All right, I'm leaving then. Thanks for the novel." (Kazuto)
"If you don't mind, Would you like to take it home?" (Ayane)
"Eh, can I? I'd like to read your novel, "My Web-Game's Friend My Boyfriend", then." (Kazuto)
"It's not that one, it's the "To You at The Bend"." (Ayane)
"It's a no, huh. How unfortunate." (Kazuto)
"...... Oh, you want to read it that badly? The "My Web-Game's Friend My Boyfriend"......?" (Ayane)

She clutches the manuscript in her hands and asks in a quiet voice.
Of course, and I give her a nod.
I'm genuinely curious, but more than anything, I want to read the novel that Kiyokawa had put her heart and soul into.

"Just so you know, the names of the characters are original. You won't be able to recognize my friend's name when you read it." (Ayane)
"D*mn, I think I'd find out who Kiyokawa likes, but......!" (Kazuto)

I haven't thought of that, but I dare to be frustrated.
When Kiyokawa sees me, she takes out the manuscript of "My Web-Game's Friend My Boyfriend" from her drawer and says "Geez, can't be helped then......".

"P-please don't laugh at my work." (Ayane)
"All right. I'll enjoy reading it to the fullest." (Kazuto)
"Don't give me any pressure either." (Ayane)

Kiyokawa looks somewhat dissatisfied, but she hands me a stack of manuscripts as if she's pushing me. I take it and look at the last sheet to check the page count. And it said 508 pages in the corner. It might be longer than I thought.

"Let me tell you, it's only because you're Senior Ayanokouji, who I've accepted as a friend, that I'm allowing you to read it. Don't tell anyone else, and don't tell my seniors either." (Ayane)
"Don't worry. According to my calculations, the probability of me keeping this novel a secret is 2000%!" (Kazuto) (PTW/N: I missed the bell-pepper & probabilities guys, somehow. (their craziness).)
"That smells like a lie! As I thought, please give it back!" (Ayane)
"I'm kidding. I'll absolutely never show it to anyone." (Kazuto)
"......If you show it to anyone, I will be very angry, okay." (Ayane)

Kiyokawa, who seems to be trying to make a strong face, distorts her face into a pout and glares at me as best she could.
I'm troubled because it's just normally cute.

"Haa~......, that's enough. Senior Ayanokouji, thank you very much for today." (Ayane)
"Me too. It was fun." (Kazuto)
"...... Are you really?" (Ayane)
"Yeah." (Kazuto)

I nod, and Kiyokawa, who is fidgeting with her fingers in some way, looks up at me anxiously.

"Then, Umm......, would you like to come to my house sometime?" (Ayane)
"Sure." (Kazuto)
"Thank you very much. You don't have to mind your friends Senior Ayanokouji, so it will be easier for us to hang out." (Ayane)
"......Did you forget that I'm your senior?" (Kazuto)
"Fufu, of course I didn't. I'm taking it easy because I know you're my senior." (Ayane)

Kiyokawa smiles mischievously, it's unlike that of a neat and tidy young lady.
What a cheeky junior she is!
Even though I thought so, I don't feel unpleasant at all, which is strange.

~"(This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata[dot]my[dot]id. so, read only on there, kay~)"~

[End of Chapter]

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