Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 43

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 2 - Summer Break


"Wh-what are you talking about?" (Rintaro)

The words that had been popping into my head flew straight out of my mouth.
Rei was looking at the swimsuits lined up in front of her, and declared as if it was nothing.

"If Rintaro went to the trouble of buying a swimsuit, I'd like to be the very first one to see it." (Rei)
"Ummm...... I don't really understand when you put it that way." (Rintaro)
"It's a matter of feelings, so it's hard to explain. In other words, I'm going to wear a swimsuit, so I want Rintaro to put on a swimsuit and take a bath with me." (Rei)

I have no idea what that means.
Rei picks up two pieces of the appropriate swimsuit and brings each one to the front of her body.
"Rintaro, which one do you prefer?" (Rei)
"E-ee......?" (Rintaro)

Puzzled, I compare the two swimsuits.
One is a bluish-black――――or, a navy blue bikini. More specifically, it is a "cross halter bikini", which is a swimsuit that is crossed in front of the neck and secured at the nape of the neck. I am sure that this is what was written in the materials that I found in Yuzuki-sensei's office.
The other one is a "micro bikini," which has an extremely small area of fabric. I don't know why such a swimsuit, which I can only think of as a joke item, is sold in this wholesome shopping mall, but at least there's only one option here.

"Let's see......, that navy blue bikini, I guess." (Rintaro)
"Mn. Then I'll buy this one." (Rei)

Before I can say anything more, Rei has already made her purchase.
I have a hard time grasping what was going on, yet I come to stand by her.

"I'm a little tired. I wanna have a cup of bubble tea before I go home." (Rei)
"Ah, yeah. Okay." (Rintaro)
"What's wrong?" (Rei)
"It's nothing...... it's been a while since I've had a chance to talk to you, so..." (Rintaro)

Anyway, what I found out is that Rei wants to put on a swimsuit and take a bath together with me so that she can be the first to see me in my swimsuit.
No, I don't get it, even if I try to sort it out.
For now, I'll just be quiet and follow Rei's lead. It's probably just a joke anyway.

Shaking the clothes we had bought, we headed toward the bubble tea shop in the shopping mall.
Even though the boom had subsided, there's still a long line of people waiting to buy bubble tea on holidays when students are freed from their routine.

"Tapioca pearl is made from starch, right? What kind of texture does it have?" (Rintaro)
"You've never had it before?" (Rei)
"Yeah. To tell you the truth, I missed the boom of its popularity. I never had a chance to go there, so today is my first time." (Rintaro)
"I see. Hmmmm, it's...... mochi-mochi?" (Rei) (PTW/N: springy, chewy.)
"Now I understand your lack of vocabulary." (Rintaro)

When it's our turn, I order the best-selling bubble tea without much ado.
On the other hand, Rei chooses the matcha milk flavor. It looks delicious.

"――――Ah, I see it now." (Rintaro)

I chewed the tapioca pearls in my mouth, swallowed them, and then spilled those words.
The word "mochi-mochi" is certainly the best word to describe it. If I were to say just how chewy it is, the texture is similar to konnyaku.
However, I think this one is going to be a bit of a piling up in the stomach......
It tastes good, though.

"Deuishoosh." (Rei)
"......" (Rintaro)

Rei's chewing tapioca pearl with her cheeks puffed out, as if I can hear the sound effect of "munch munch".
What an expression. It's hard to believe that she is a national super idol.

"Rintaro, I want to taste that one too. Shall we trade?" (Rei)
"H-hey...... that's――――." (Rintaro)

Rei leans toward me and forcefully puts her mouth on the straw and sucks the contents.
Some of the tapioca pearls that had accumulated at the bottom went through the straw and into her mouth.

This girl, isn't she too aggressive these days?
Well, my experience in love is not so great that I am upset by this level of indirect kissing.
From her point of view, this might be in the normal category.

"Mmm...... delicious." (Rei)
"...... That so." (Rintaro)
"Then I'll share mine with you." (Rei)

Saying that, Rei points her drink at me.
Her eyes are tinged with anticipation――――.
She's not going to let me say no.
"――――O-okay." (Rintaro)

I put my mouth on the straw she had been drinking from and suck the contents.
That's when the incident happened.
I sucked it down with more force than I intended, perhaps because I was strangely nervous, and a large number of tapioca pearls popped into my mouth.
Barely managing to swallow it, I was unable to swallow the liquid, which flowed uncontrollably into my windpipe.
As I choke, a dribble of matcha milk drips from my mouth.
As I see the stain spreading to my clothes, I feel like I've goofed up.

"Are you okay?" (Rei)
"Gahaa....... Y-yeah, I'm fine." (Rintaro)
"But......" (Rei)
"I'm going to go wipe in the bathroom. Please wait here." (Rintaro)

I leave Rei there with an apologetic look on her face and look for a nearby restroom.
It's a little far away. Well, it can't be helped.
After walking for a while, I finally found a men's restroom, borrowed some toilet paper from a private room, and stood in front of the faucet.
I put the dry toilet paper on the back of my clothes and dab it with the moistened toilet paper from outside. This is the only first aid treatment I can do when I'm out of the house where I can't do laundry right away.

"Phew...... it's diminished a bit." (Rintaro)

After confirming that it's somewhat less noticeable, I once again recall what just happened.
No matter what anyone says, it was an――――indirect kiss.
The more I'm aware of it, the hotter my cheeks become.

"She's still a kid, I guess...... same for me too." (Rintaro)

I should always want to grow up as soon as possible, but I'm distraught over one thing like this. It's proof that I haven't grown up yet.

(If I spend enough time with her...... will I get used to these feelings?)

I throw a question to Shidou Rintaro, who is nothing more than a high school student reflected in the mirror.
Naturally, no answer comes back.
I feel like such a fool and laugh it off scornfully.

"You should know your place." (Rintaro)

I wipe my hands with a handkerchief and leave the bathroom.

I just want to be prepared so that one day, when this relationship comes to an end, I won't be bitter.
I don't want to get carried away and lose myself.

The place where I have Rei waiting for me is a little far away.
I decided to run back there a bit because I'm anxious to leave her alone.


"Hey you, you're pretty cute, aren't you. Are you alone?"

――――Aah, what a template.

Two men are standing in front of Rei.
They have dyed hair, wear a lot of accessories, and are what you can call the flirtatious guys in the street. They are looking down on Rei from above, who is sitting on a bench, grinning and smiling vulgarly.

It's a pick-up, no matter how you look at it.

Well, I can understand their feelings. Rei is a beautiful girl from any angle, and if she were alone, I would be tempted to ask her out for a chance.
But those people, whose brains have been roasted by summer heat, don't know the meaning of restraint.
Normally, they would not call out to anyone for fear of causing trouble, but they go ahead with it as if they were testing their mettle.
That's why they are so disgusting.

"I'm not alone. The fact that I have these two cups proves it." (Rei)
"Is the one you are with a girl? Then it's just right, two to two! Let's have tea together. We have a lot of money for college students, I'll buy you all drinks."

He interrupts Rei's words and seems to be determined not to give up the initiative at any cost.
It's only natural. If they prolong the situation, there is a possibility that the police or security guards will be called. Whether they succeed or fail, they intend to make this a short-term battle.
I have seen that catchy guy in the city at night on my way home from Yuzuki-sensei's place. Maybe he really works part-time at a place like that.

――――Boy, is not the time for a calm analysis, you know.

I'm racking my brains to figure out what to say to get out of the situation, but for now, I start walking to get closer to Rei.

"Not a girl. Even if she's, I don't have time for you two." (Rei)
"Hee, could it be your boyfriend?"
"......" (Rei)

My feet stop for a moment as I hear those words.

I wonder what――――Rei will answer.

"......Yup. He is. I'm waiting for my boyfriend." (Rei)

A sense of elation that I can almost smirk at slowly begins to creep up from deep within me.
It's supposed to be just an impromptu remark, but this destructive power.
This is no good. If it becomes a habit.
Before it becomes so, I shake my head and shake off this feeling.

Now, I've let that Otosaki Rei tell me this much. Let's help her out first and foremost before I begin to consider it a perk or something.

"――――What do you want with my girlfriend?" (Rintaro)

How, I may have been a little too cool.
My face is a little distorted with embarrassment in this situation, which can be called a predicament.

"Aah...... Tsk, such a pain in the ass."
"Let's go."
"Yeaaa, Although I thought she looked like "REI"."

That's a close call. Thank goodness they're at least intelligent.
They must have decided that there's no point in prolonging the conversation. The two left us, glaring at me with a really bitter look.

"Pheeew~. Looks like...... there's no problem." (Rintaro)
"Rintaro, thank you. You saved me." (Rei)
"I'm sorry I left you alone. The stain was a little persistent." (Rintaro)
"It was my fault to begin with, so......" (Rei)
"Sooo~ I guess we're even, then." (Rintaro)

I take my own cup of bubble tea from her hand and smile.
Seeing me like this, she smiles relievedly.

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[End of Chapter]

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