My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 67

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


67 - Chapter 14

At the mention of cross-dressing, I can't believe my ears.
Must be some kind of joke, right? I pray and look at Kiyokawa, but all I get is――――*snap*, a cute wink.......No, what's with that eye contact?

"Wait a minute. Well, somehow, I don't want to get it, but I get what Kiyokawa is saying." (Kazuto)
"Then, at once――" (Ayane)
"I haven't given my consent." (Kazuto)

I hold off on Kiyokawa, who half-lifts to her hip.
Let me summarize the thoughts of this purportedly neat and tidy idol.
First of all, in response to the question of "how can I and Rinka go to the fireworks display together", she concluded that "if it's a popular idol and a guy, it will cause a great uproar". Yes, she definitely right about this.
But the next one, "Then Senior Kazuto should just become a girl! Let's dress him up as a girl!" is unacceptable.
I can understand the logic of her idea, but my heart is rejecting it.

"What's wrong, Kazu-kun? Let's get dressed quickly." (Nana)
"Now? ....... Do you not think anything of me dressing up as a girl, Kurumizaka-san?" (Kazuto)
"I do! I'm really looking forward to it!" (Nana)
"Ah, that reminds me, Kurumizaka-san is a bit out of character." (Kazuto)

It's easy to forget that because her cheerful idol behavior is so genuine.
Kurumizaka is actually a BL game aficionado and a girl who gave strange names to her cat and her game character.
To put it mildly, a strange girl. Weird girl.

"Senior Kazuto. What the heck do you have to be hesitant about? You want to go to the fireworks display with Senior Rinka, right?" (Ayane)
"Mm, yes. I want to...... go." (Kazuto)
"The only way to do that is to dress up as a girl." (Ayane)
"That's what I don't comprehend......!" (Kazuto)

I know what Kiyokawa is implying, though!
Anyway, why are these two so eager for me to dress up as a girl?

"Do you have any other good ideas? If you have one, I'm willing to adopt it." (Ayane)

You don't, do you? Kiyokawa smiles with such a triumphant smile. That's right, my brain couldn't come up with anything.......

"I guess, I have no choice but to do it, then......!" (Kazuto)

I have no choice but to nod my head in resignation.

"Please be assured. I will turn Senior Kazuto into an idol-level beautiful girl." (Ayane)
"I will spare no effort to cooperate!" (Nana)

Kiyokawa shows a confident expression, while Kurumizaka-san breathes roughly.
I feel nothing but anxiety.

There are various outfits available at Kiyokawa's house. But they don't fit.
That's right, Kiyokawa and I have completely different physiques.
Just when I expect that the cross-dressing plan is going to fail, Kasumi-san arrives to deliver the outfits after receiving a call from Kurumizaka-san.
I am a little taken aback by this too sudden turn of events, but I feel a mysterious assuredness that, well, it's possible if it's Kasumi-san.

[Sorry! I want to see Kazuto-kun dressed as a girl, but I have something to do after this! Please send me some nice shots later!] (Kasumi)

Saying that, Kasumi drove away.
In a paper bag placed at the entrance, there is a wig with black hair in a ponytail, a white T-shirt with a logo, and a long skirt.
Aside from the hairstyle, the clothes are not too flashy in terms of color and design. It will blend in well on the streets.

"Just what you'd expect of Kasumi-san. To think that you would prepare and bring it here so quickly." (Nana)
"In addition, the size fits perfectly. Nothing less of her, it's terrifying." (Ayane)

She holds the clothes in her hands and shivers heartily as she adjusts them to my body. I may have underestimated this woman named Mizuki Kasumi a little.

"Shall we dress him up right away? Ah, what about underwear, shall I put......mine ............on you?" (Ayane)
"Hella no! You have a really disgusted look on your face there!" (Kazuto)

It's a look of disgust rarely seen in recent years.
Then Kiyokawa and Kurumizaka-san go out of the room, and I'm left alone and take my time to start changing.
Strangely enough, once I have made up my mind, I'm able to change easily.
However, the wig is the only thing that does not go well, thus I give up.
I call Kiyokawa to help me with the wig, and then ask Kurumizaka-san to apply my makeup (why......?). A few minutes later, I'm reborn. No, I'm throwing away my masculinity.

"Surprisingly...... looks pretty good, doesn't it?" (Kazuto)

I look at myself in the full-length mirror and say something like that.
I may be a little tall for a girl, but the sporty ponytail doesn't make me look out of place, and my slender physique looks good in a shirt and long skirt.
Above all, my face is covered with makeup.
The fact that I originally don't have a carnivorous man look on my face may have helped, but the artistry performed by Kurumizaka-san makes me look like a real girl.
I have already become a cute girl who can be found in the city.......

"Kuha~! You're so cute, Kazu-kun! Yup, there, lift up your skirt a little and incline your head to the side――no, be a little shyer――――" (Nana)

The h*ll is this girl? She is as excited as a pervert, and points her smartphone, with the camera app running, at me.
Although she is an energetic and cheerful idol, there is a cap for her to go and not go, right.

"You're even cuter than I imagined, Senior Kazuto. Won't you come to a live concert with me sometime?" (Ayane)
"Are you going to kill me socially? I'm going to commit suicide, okay." (Kazuto)

As Kiyokawa praises me with a graceful smile, my mouth twitches.
I'm kind of being used as a toy, aren't I?

"Then let's move on to the next step." (Ayane)
"Next step?" (Kazuto)
"Yes. I'm going to ask Senior Kazuto to go to the city in that outfit." (Ayane)
"...... Seriously?" (Kazuto)
"Of course. The next step is to get used to going out in public." (Ayane)

If you ask me, that's true. Even if I dress up as a girl only on the day of the fireworks display, I might be exposed in some way.
Especially since I'm going to stand next to Rinka, it's inevitable that I'll stand out. So I need to get used to cross-dressing myself.

"Then, maybe we should change into something less conspicuous, too......?" (Ayane)
"I agree. Then the three of us can walk around the city together casually." (Nana)

Kurumizaka-san and Kiyokawa decide on a plan in high spirits.
Evidently, they don't even give me time to prepare my mind.
I mean, am I going to hang out with two popular idols......?
It's going to be stressful in every way.

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[End of Chapter]

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