Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 54

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for My Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 2 - Summer Break


Anyway, she asks me to put some on――――

"Then I'll start with Kanon, who's still lying prone." (Rintaro)

I kneel down beside Kanon, who is still lying prone, and this time I use my hand on her instead of my foot.
First, I put my hand on her, partly because I felt a little guilty for trampling her. I'm not going to say it, though, because if I do, she'll probably take it as an opportunity to get the better of me.

"Ah, it's cold." (Kanon)
"Hang in there." (Rintaro)

Since the sunscreen is a little inadequate, I put out some new sunscreen and then spread it on Kanon's back.
Not a single pimple on her beautiful back. I wonder what she ate and how she lived her life to keep her back so beautiful.

"Heeh......, you're really skillful at it, aren't you." (Kanon)
"There's no such thing as skillful or unskillful in putting on sunscreen." (Rintaro)
"It's a matter of how you work with your hands....... Well, the person performing it doesn't seem to understand, so that's fine." (Kanon)
"?" (Rintaro)

I don't really understand it, but if she doesn't find it repulsive, so much the better.
When I have finished putting on all over, Kanon thanks me and gets up, turning her back to me, and starts putting on her front. Now, it is Mia who lies down instead.

"Then you'll take care of me next, won't you?" (Mia)
"Kay, okay." (Rintaro)

While thinking that she is the same as Kanon, but surprisingly she has a firm back――I put sunscreen on her in the same way.
First, I start around the shoulder blades. From there, I gradually move down to the waist area.

"Ahhhn!" (Mia)
"......" (Rintaro)
"Ngghh...... you can't go there...... Rintaro-kun......." (Mia)

When I touch the area near her flanks, Mia raises moans for some reason.
Please stop it. I'm flying my consciousness to a distant world so that I don't react.

"Rintaro-kun......, you're so skillful." (Mia)
"You seem to be all right if I put my feet on too." (Rintaro)
"Wait, wait! I'm sorry!" (Mia)

When I get up and try to put my foot on her, Mia stops me in a hurry with a bitter smile on her face. It's all right if she understands. If only she does.

"Muu...... surprisingly tough, you are." (Mia)
"You'd better learn from this and stop making fun of me like that." (Rintaro)
"I would hate to stop it. The face of you in trouble is unexpectedly amusing, you know?" (Mia)

As expected of the Demon King. She even enjoys my suffering.

"Well, I think I'll stop here for now. Because the princess seems to be upset right now." (Mia)
"What?" (Rintaro)

I glance at Rei and find that she is looking at us with a very stern face.
Ah, indeed, I need to hurry up with this girl.

"Phew, thank you. Here, Rei. Time to switch." (Mia)
"...... Mm." (Rei)

Mia moves out and Rei lies down to replace her.

"Rintaro, please." (Rei)
"...... Yea." (Rintaro)

No, I wonder what.
As expected, my heart, which I have kept so strongly, is shaken when she is so openly showing her fondness for me.
On top of that, when I look at Rei's bare skin, my cheeks heat up as I remember what happened in the bathroom that time.
No, if I react here, my life will be over――――

I close my eyes and touch her back.

"Nnnn...... can you put it on a little stronger?" (Rei)
"Blurf!" (Rintaro)

That's a close call, I am about to get a nosebleed.
Unlike Mia, I can tell that this girl has a naturally seductive voice, so I can't be careless.
I knew this, but she is definitely the one who breaks my pace the most among those I've met. She is the one who does it naturally, which is why she is so dangerous.

"Nnnh....... Aah." (Rei)
"Rei......, keep your voice down a little." (Rintaro)
"Be-because...... Rintaro...... tickles me." (Rei)

She's already a murder weapon now, isn't she?

Reason and desire are running rampant within me.
Hang in there, and stay strong, Rintaro. You can do it if you try. Suppress this nasty monster of desire with your strong reason.

"Aah, there...... not good!" (Rei)
"――――!" (Rintaro)

Uh-huh, I'm at my limit.

I turn my desperate gaze to ask for help from Kanon.

"Looks like you need my help." (Kanon)
"Yeah......, please." (Rintaro)
"Clench your teeth." (Kanon)

Kanon's fist, swung wide, digs into my cheek.
I'm grateful for this pain now.
Thanks to the aching pain in my cheek, the desire in me recedes.

"Thank you, you've saved me." (Rintaro)
"It's okay. In times of need, mutual help is always welcome." (Kanon)

I think Kanon and I might become good friends someday.
Although, the one problem is that she's too loud.

"I see....... that Rintaro-kun gets excited when I speak out like that." (Mia)
"You're not thinking straight, are you?" (Rintaro)

I finish putting the sunscreen on Rei's back, while making a retort to Mia.
Phew, finally done.
I pat her on the back to let her know I'm done, and Rei stands up, looking a little out of breath.
She looks so sexy in every single way.

"Thank you, Rintaro. That felt good." (Rei)

I and Kanon gush at the same time, and Mia, as expected, is holding her mouth and holding back her laughter.
The only one who doesn't understand our reaction is Rei herself.

"A-anyway, now that we're done, why don't you guys go swimming?" (Rintaro)
"Hmm. No, not yet. Rintaro hasn't been done yet." (Rei)
"No, I'll do it myself――――" (Rintaro)

As if to interrupt my words, Mia and Kanon grab me by the arms on either side of me.
I am stunned at what is going on, and I am pushed down prone on the mat on which Rei had been lying just a moment ago.

"Well, well, you'd better at least put some on, or you'll be afraid of what will come after, right?" (Mia)
"She's right. We are sorry if we only ask you. We'll give you full treatment in return." (Kanon)

I try to escape from this situation, but I am no match for these girls, who have been exercising regularly. When I am a bit down due to the fact that my physique is bad compared to theirs, Rei comes straddling on top of my body.
It's no use, I can't escape.

"Rintaro, stay still." (Rei)
"S-sto――――" (Rintaro)

I feel a shiver of pleasant sensation running down my back.


"...... I had a terrible experience." (Rintaro)
"Isn't that must be the best? Three idols touching your body?" (Kanon)
"I want to take better care of my body." (Rintaro)
"That's not a man's line." (Kanon)

I was put on sunscreen all over, and I am lying limp under the parasol.
I am so tired that I can't even stand up, even though I haven't even been into the sea yet. In contrast, the perpetrator trio is sprightly, and the difference between the victim and the perpetrators is really surfacing.

In the midst of all this, this girl reaches out her hand to me and says――――.

"Rintaro, let's go." (Rei)
"......Yea!" (Rintaro)

And I, can't refuse her invitation.
I take Rei's hand and stand up.
Heading toward the ultramarine sea.
Dipping ankle-deep in the water feels comforting, cooling the blood vessels and lowering the body temperature itself.

"This is nice......." (Rintaro)
"Rintaro?" (Rei)
"Hmm? Blegh!?" (Rintaro)

I turn my head in the direction of the call, and at that very moment, water is splashed on my face.
My mouth instantly became salty, and I spit out the water.

"What are you doing?" (Rintaro)
"If you feel upset, just try to get back at me." (Rei)
"Hey hey, I'm not gonna do such a childli――――" (Rintaro)

――――No, It's probably because it's a time like this.

At a place like this, where no one is around but us, it'll be stupid to act like an adult.
Rei is trying to liven things up for us. It will be a waste if we don't enjoy ourselves.

"I understand. I'll show you how to handle the water I've trained by washing dishes every day." (Rintaro)
"That probably has nothing to do with――――whoa!" (Rei)
"Gotchu!" (Rintaro)

I scoop up the water and pour it over Rei's body.
Her smile deepens as I take advantage of an opportunity, and she then splashes water at me as a counterattack.

"Enou~gh! I told you guys to stop flirting!" (Kanon)
"We'll have to join in the fun, I guess." (Mia)

Kanon and Mia join in, pushing their way through the splashing water.

Four high school students are having a water fight, yelling and screaming without caring about being too old to do so.
Normally, it'll be embarrassing to even look at this scene, but if you put that aside and get into the fun, it's surprisingly not so bad.

"This is my grudge from the past! Rei! Eat this!" (Kanon)
"Ah......." (Rei)

Rei is about to be splashed with water by Kanon, but she managed to dodge it.
The one who is at the other end of the dodge is me.
The impact causes my feet to be caught in the sand, and I fall into the water with her.
Rei's golden hair is swaying in the cool blue water.
I marvel at her beauty, and countless bubbles escape from my mouth.

What is this? Summer actually isn't so bad.

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[End of Chapter]

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