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She, Whom I Married in-Game is The Idol in My School. ~She Seems to be an Ice Idol, but in The Game, She's My Wife~

Netoge de Kekkonshita Aite ga Gakkou no Idol dattandaga. ~Koori no Idol-rashiiga, Game no Nakade wa Ore no Yome~


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1 - Game and Reality

[Hey, Shou. Can I talk to you for a second?]

[Uh-huh. What's up?]

In a pristine meadow. A man and a woman were standing side by side at a spot where a lake could be seen in the back. One was Shou, a handsome dark-haired...... character wearing a wizard's robe and holding a gleaming, ornately decorated rod in his hand. And the other one was Rein, a beautiful blue-haired girl...... character in warrior's armor, carrying a great sword as long as her height.

Wyvern Fantasy X or WyX was a popular MMORPG throughout Japan and was popular among people of all ages because of the variety of ways to enjoy the game, thanks to its freedom and the amount of content that it offered, which was probably everything that had ever been packed into an MMORPG.

[Well, can we transfer to the church?]

[Okay. Let's go then.]

Rein teleported first to the church in the game's capital city. When Shou teleported in after her, Rein, who had teleported in first, has changed her equipment and was wearing a cute, revealing outfit.

"Again, why are churches......"

The church in this game didn't really allow you to do anything in particular. Even though you might come here to run errands for an event, not many people would come here on their own.

[What do you want in a church? I haven't been to this place since after completing the storyline.]

[I have something to tell you. Follow me.]

Rein entered the church and sits down on a couch at the front of the room. When Shou sat down next to her, Rein took the trouble to get up.

[That thing is. Please...... marry me!!]


Shou was in front of the monitor watching the screen. Ono Shouta stopped thinking completely when he saw the words [Please marry me] displayed in the chat box.


[Good Morning, Shou.]

[Good morning, Rein. I'll be in as soon as I get home today.]

In the morning. Shouta was watching the news while eating bread with side dishes when he received a call from Rein.

"Rein...... is now my wife, eh. Only in the game, though."

Shouta felt his cheeks relaxing, but he didn't hide it at all and headed to school with a happy feeling from the morning.

[Hey~ hey~. What are you doing now?]

As he was playing with his phone while listening to music on the train to his destination station, he received a message from Rein, and Shouta turned off the music and read the message in a second.

[I'm on the train, on my way to school.]

[Me too! Then we're free, so let's talk about something.]


After chatting for a while, he soon arrived at the nearest station to the school. Shouta wished he has more time, but he hurriedly got off the train to avoid being late for school.

[Sorry. I have to get off the train now, so I won't be able to contact you for a while.]

[I'll get off the train too. It's dangerous to be busy with your phone while you're on the train, isn't it?]

[Yea. I'll message you as soon as I get to class.]

"It's already been a week since then, huh......."

It had been a week since Shouta got confessed, but he still couldn't really feel it.

The other person was a character in a game. He didn't know her real face, and he had never even heard her voice. He only communicated with her in the chat, so he didn't even know if she was really a woman.

And yet, Shouta agreed to marry her because they had been friends for a long time and he genuinely liked the character Rein. It was because he liked what was inside of her.

"She's maybe a catfish after all......."

Once before, Shouta had invited Rein to VC. Shouta had suggested it because he thought it would be a quicker way to communicate than chatting, but at the time she refused, saying "It's too embarrassing.".

This made Shouta a little anxious.

[I've arrived at the classroom. Call me when you get there.]

When Shouta enters the classroom, he receives a message on his phone at about the same time.

[I've just arrived too. I was just thinking......]

[Hmm? wha~t is it?]

[We've been in touch outside of the game more often since we got married. But, isn't our schedule similar?]

[Ah. When you say it like that, it's true. It's not just the time we leave the house, we also have the same time to school, it's almost as if we live in the same place.]

After that, Shouta continues in contact with her, changing the topic of conversation until the chime rings. Shouta is constantly typing sentences, and there's never a lack of topics of conversation between them.

Then, when the chime rings, the new homeroom teacher enters the classroom and begins the morning Homeroom session.

I never think that if I accept this situation easily, I will run out of luck and feel like I will die tomorrow. I'm just worried about Kanon and the girls. I'm serious, okay?

Mia, who had been laughing at this exchange between Kanon and me, opens her mouth in resignation.

"Well, well, don't blame Kanon too much. We're in on this too." (Mia)
"What? Might you guys have mistaken me for a plant or something?" (Rintaro)
"We don't think of you that far, though. I've been told that I'm still a top idol, but I'm a little unsure of myself." (Mia)
"I'm the kind of person who would never make a move if it didn't make sense. I'd rather they say I'm a manly man." (Rintaro)
"Then I feel rather safe. You can put sunscreen on us without feeling guilty." (Rintaro)
"Mm......" (Rintaro)

I feel like I'm being seduced.

"I'm not saying you have to do it to all of us. Just pick one person to put on the sunscreen." (Mia)
"Huuuh...... why don't you guys just put it on each other?" (Rintaro)
"The person you choose here will be sleeping in the same room with you tonight." (Mia)
"Is this a hell?" (Rintaro)

What's with that ultimate choice――――.

I had a walk through the cottage earlier, and there were only two rooms for bedrooms on the second floor.
Two bedrooms with two beds inside. In other words, only two people can sleep in one room.

I know that even putting on sunscreen is agonizing, but to have another step beyond that is more than a reward, it's a punishment.

"Well then. Today we'll have three periods of LHR. We'll introduce ourselves and decide on our committees. The beginning of the year is the most important. If you slip up from the start, it will hurt you."

After informing the students of the schedule for the day, the female homeroom teacher walked out of the classroom without a word of greeting as the chime sounded to signal the end of HR. (PTW/N: This part does not make sense to me.)

"First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Noda Michiko. I'm a physical education teacher. I was in charge last year, so some of you may know me. Nice to meet you."

Shouta clapped his hands as she introduced herself, but inwardly he was quite impatient.

Shouta's surname is Ono. Because he was early in alphabetical order, his attendance number was number two. The pressure to be the first to introduce oneself was something he had learned from his life experiences. He was desperately trying to think of something to say so that he would not introduce himself in a strange way.

"Well then, let's start with self-introductions. Safe to say, in order of number. Let's start with the first one, Izumi.

"My name is Izumi Momoka! My hobby is eating and walking. Nice to meet you!"

"Next, Ono Shouta."

"Yes. I'm Ono Shouta. My hobby is playing..... games. Anyway, Nice to meet you."

Shouta's self-introduction ended with a small round of applause. Shouta thought that it would make no difference whether he introduced himself or not anyway, so he stopped thinking about it and just went along with it.

After a few more self-introductions, the classroom suddenly became noisy.

It was mainly the boys' voices, and they could be heard talking all over the classroom in a buzz. The moment he looked at the next person who was going to do self-introductions to see what was going on. Shouta understood everything.

"I'm in the same class as Sakura-san, this year is my lucky year!"

"You're right. I wonder if I can get close to her."

"You're not even a good friend to her."

"Shut up. I'll take a chance."

The girl who was the center of attention stood up, paying no attention to the commotion. The moment she got up, the whole classroom became noisy again.

"I am Sakura Reika. My hobby is reading. Nice to meet you."

Sakura Reika. She was a beautiful girl with good looks. She was a good student of both academics and sports, and was well-known to everyone in the school. Her solitary personality, which showed no interest in her surroundings and refused to communicate with anyone, had earned her the nickname "the ice idol," and she was even considered an idol by many of the boys.

Her popularity was so great that when she was a freshman, many upperclassmen came to see her and tried to talk to her in the classroom day after day.

There were even rumors that there was a fan club behind the scenes, and it was said that there were many girls among them.

"Should I....... go talk to her."

"Better you don't do it. You're a good friend to her."

"You'll never know if you don't try it, you know?"

"Don't do it. When I tried to talk to her, she looked at me coldly. You won't recover for a few days if she gives you that look......."

"D-don't tell me, you!?"


"All right. Now that everyone has introduced themselves. Next, we will decide whose committees you will be in. Everyone will join up for one of them, so please be proactive and run for a position."

(Deciding on committees...... I wonder what should I join. I was a member of the library committee in my first year, so I'll play safe this year......).

"――――Then, next is the library committee. One male and one female. Who wants to be in charge of it?"

The ones who responded to the homeroom teacher's voice were a girl who looked like a literary girl, Shouta, and a serious-looking glasses boy.

"Two, huh? Let's decide by rock-paper-scissors. Come on come on."

As a result of the game of rock-paper-scissors, it was the glasses boy who won. Shouta thought it was inevitable and decided to go with another committee that didn't seem to have much work to do.

"――――Next is the cleaning committee. Who wants to be on it?"

(Cleaning committee, huh? I heard that there is not much work to be done. Let's go with this one.)

The only one who raised his hand was Shouta.

"So, um......Ono Shouta-kun, I'm counting on you....... Okay, one more girl, anyone?"

No one responded to the homeroom teacher's voice. Was it because of the unpopularity of the cleaning committee, or was it because few people were willing to join the committee?

The classroom was enveloped in an atmosphere of silence, but after a few seconds, it gradually became noisy.

"H-hey......, Sakura-san volunteered herself to the cleaning committee."

"Seriously? I should have been a member of the cleaning committee."

"I wish that guy would switch places with me in the cleaning committee."

It was Reika who raised her hand. Many boys were secretly aiming for the same committee as Reika. But, it was Shouta who got it.

"All right! Then the girl member is Sakura. Now the cleaning committee members are decided........ Then, next is the school trip committee. Who wants to be on it?"

"I'm sure I'm going to get tangled up in this......."

Shouta managed to finish listening to everyone's self-introductions while enduring the stares from those around him.

However, Shouta's premonition came true.

"What's with those guys? Do they try to buy the position to be in the same committee as her with 10000 yen? Is she that popular? That Sakura Reika."

After returning home, Shouta was complaining to his pillow while diving into bed with a body three times more tired than he had expected.

As Shouta had predicted, after LHR, several boys gathered at Shouta's seat and negotiated with him to switch positions, offering various conditions.

Shouta was not that interested in any committees, nor was he particular about being a member of the cleaning committee, but he felt uncomfortable with the idea of bribing, so he did not agree to the negotiations.

"Hah....... Such a mess, school tomorrow is going to be annoying."

As he slowly got up and went to change clothes, he heard a familiar notification sound from my phone. It's from the messaging app that Shouta mainly used, and the only people Shouta contacted were his family and Rein.

[I've arrived home. I'm logging in now.]

[I'm sorry. I just got here too. I was too busy to look at my phone.]

When Shouta opened his messaging app, he found that he had received several messages from Rein. Perhaps it was because he usually read and replied immediately, Rein contacted him concerned about his safety.

[Thank goodness. I was worried that something had happened since you didn't read my messages.]

[I'm just a little tired, that's all. I'll log in now too.]

[Got it~]

As he quickly finished changing his clothes and sat down in his chair to turn on his PC, Shouta felt as if all the fatigue and distractions that had built up in his body were leaving him.

A short while after booting up, and all the startup software had finished processing, he was finally able to launch the game.

[Good job.]

[Shou. Good job. You said you were tired, are you okay?]

[Yeah, I'm fine. Just chatting with Rein made my tiredness go away. Thank you.]

[What's that?]

When the game finished loading and his familiar character appeared, Rein stood in front of him. He immediately formed a party with Rein and the two of them took a seat in chairs side by side.

[What are we going to do today? Do you want to go leveling a new job or something?'

[Ummm....... I'm tired too today, so I think I'd like to take it easy.]

Even though his fatigue had blown away after starting up the game, Shouta did not have the motivation to do any serious combat right now.

[Okay. Then, I'm going to go and improve my craftsmanship level. I'm almost at the maximum level in cooking.]

[I'll go with you.]

[Rein's occupation is a weapons smith, right?]

[Just chatting with you is fun enough for me.]

[Got it. Then, let's go.]

They went to the cooking guild and Shou started cooking at the end of the guild, and Rein stood beside him.

[What kind of dishes does Rein have on hand right now?]

[I'm too lazy to eat most of the dishes, so all I have is one star-rated or so. Good dishes are expensive in the bazaar.......]

[Ah. Well, the ingredients for the dishes are ridiculously expensive, so even those are hardly profitable. Then, can I give you failed products that can't be sold at the bazaar? It's a waste to throw them away because they only fill up the storage.]

[Really? Thanks. But it's probably too good to use.......]

[Use it. I have plenty of them in my storage. I want you to use it as much as you can.]

That's what he said, but the dish Shou gave Rein was a perfectly good, self-prepared dish. He said they were failed products that can't be sold, but he was just embarrassed.

[I think that's enough for today. I'll do it again when I've sold all the food I made at the bazaar.]

[Good work. What's next?]

[Is there anything you want to do, Rein?]

[Ummm ....... I'd like to level up a little bit. They released the level cap the other day, but I haven't been able to level up yet.]

[Let's go then.]


[Then, I'm going to log out now. I feel so hungry.]

[Ah, come to think of it, I haven't had lunch yet, but it's already this hour, huh. Well, I guess I'll log out too.]

As the sun was going down in real life, the two were chatting at Shou's house.

Both of them had been playing the game for hours on end, and both of them logged out early from exhaustion.

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[End of Chapter]

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