Fixed Damage Chapter 87

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 7 - Darkness and Hero Knight


12 - The second coming of Great War #1


"Finally, it has begun. Once again, the world war between humans and demons."

Margo sat deeply in the innermost part of the castle.

Isabelle and Rosa were on either side, serving Margo.
Both of them were women who were members of the Hero Harold's party.
They were both exceptionally beautiful and took care of Margo's daily needs.

"I can finally drink good wine today."

Margo brought the wine served to his lips and let out a sigh of bliss.
The finest wine soaked into his body, feeling pleasant.

In one word, it was the best.

Margo used the demons, Lagios and Frangulas to manipulate the remnants of the Demon King's Army to launch a major offensive against the humans.
In order to confront that, each country intercepted the Demon King's Army's advance led by the heroes.

In front of him, a giant crystal was installed, and the scene of the battlefield was reflected on its surface.

The battlefield was located on a grassland that extends to the horizon.
It was the Dior great grassland that spread in the eastern part of the Shardi Kingdom.

Flames, thunders, whirlwinds, and ice storms.
Countless magic spells are unleashed from both the Kingdom Army and the Demon King's Army, scattering explosions around.

The battle situation seemed to favor the Demon King Army.
Gradually, but little by little, the Kingdom Army was being pushed back.

Eventually, the collapse began.
Their formations crumbled, and knights and wizards were scattered here and there.

There resounds screams and cries.
As well as voices seeking help.

"Kehkehkeh, I remember...... the time when the army led by the Demon King Vilgarodomus plunged the world into fear."

Margo reminisced with a sly smile.

Five years ago, the Demon King Vilgarodomus, who had been sealed in an ancient ruin, suddenly revived.
The Demon Lord led thirteen legions and invaded the entire world.

With their overwhelming strength, the armies of each country were completely defeated.
In less than half a year, half of the world fell into their hands.

People despaired and longed for...

A savior of the world.
The hero.

Before long, seven chosen heroes by the gods appeared, renowned heroes formed their parties, and the great counterattack against the Demon King's army began──.

"Seek more and more...! Heroes who will save you all."

Margo lifted the corner of his mouth and laughed.

──It was about three months ago when he made contact with the remnants of the Demon King's army.
Since then, he had been preparing continuously.

The ostensible reason for this is that if Yuno's [Light], which is becoming more powerful day by day, goes out of control, he will use the power of the demons to suppress it.

However, there was another real reason for forming an alliance with them.
To support──the world-conquering war by the remnants of the Demon King's army.
Was also to obtain information about their [Darkness].

On the contrary, from their perspective, there might also be the purpose of obtaining information from the human side through Margo and using his [Light] to strengthen their own [Darkness].

Various interests are intertwined with each other, and the plan is generally progressing smoothly.
Lagios and Frangulas, the executives of the remnants of the Demon King's army, gather the demons and prepare their forces──and finally, the day has come.

The invasion of the human world by the Demon King's army.

The terror caused by the demon army will once again engulf the world.
It is not the hero who will overcome it.

"The one who will save the world is none but me──Margo Lasqueda, the Brave."

It's definitely not Yuno.
But this me, the savior of humanity.

"It's about time I make my move."

Kehkehkeh, Margot laughed.
Then he switched the projection.

The battlefields of various places such as the Kingdom of Ralpha and the Principality of Lyju were projected.

On all battlefields, the human side was being pushed back.

"Even if I consider Yuno and the others as an exception, it seems that even the heroes' countries are struggling...... As expected, without me, they can't do anything."

Rather than just a hero, I will prove that I am the Great Brave.
It's a perfect situation.

──And then, it happened.

"That's enough."

With a powerful voice, a flash burst.
The shining shockwave mowed down the Demon King's army all at once.

"That light is──"

Margo turned his gaze to a part of the projection.

"I won't let you invade the Shardy Kingdom any further. I'll be the one to face you all from here on."

A girl wielding a shining sword declared.

She was a high-spirit girl with short blue hair.
She wasn't wearing any armor, just a short dress and a skirt, like a village girl.

The sword she wield had a blade that resembled the face of a dragon at the tip.
It was the dragon attribute holy sword [Io].

"You've appeared, Hero."

Margo growled.
She was one of the seven heroes──Violetta Meza.

"Lil' girl! What can you do by only yourself!"
"I'll chop you into a thousand pieces!"

The demons laughed uproariously.
Violetta returned a fearless smile.

"In that case, I will dismantle all of you into a billion fragments. Chopping, crushing, and disassembling! Let's go, my holy sword [Io]!"

She raised the Dragonic Holy Sword in her hand.

"Skill [Transformation: Dragonoid Battler Form]!"

With a loud voice, countless lightning bolts burst from her entire body.
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[End of Chapter]


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