Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 81

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for My Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 3 - The School Festival


"Hey, are you really going to cosplay?" (Rintaro)
"Huh?" (Rei)

On the night after our performance for the school festival was decided, I ask Rei who is sitting on the couch while doing the dishes.
She has a puzzled look on her face, as if she doesn't understand why she's being asked that question. She stops eating her vanilla ice cream cup dessert and turns her gaze toward me.

"Well...... I'm just wondering if you're really going to cosplay......" (Rintaro)
"Mmm. I think I might be causing trouble for everyone because of me, so if I can at least meet their expectations, I want to do it." (Rei)
"...I see." (Rintaro)

She must be feeling guilty about not being able to participate and help on the first day and not being able to attend events due to work.
But even so――――

(Why I kind of feel somewhat uneasy......)

I realized that I have been washing the same plate for a while and become overwhelmed with mixed emotions as I rinse off the clinging bubbles with water.

"Rintaro." (Rei)
"What is it......" (Rintaro)
"Could it be that you don't want me to cosplay?" (Rei)

I involuntarily flinch.
She hits somewhere in my heart that I had thought shouldn't exist, and this upset me to a level that surprised even me myself.

(Do I really not want Rei to cosplay......?)

I take a deep breath and think calmly about it.
I think cosplay itself is okay and she can do whatever she wants with it. Yeah, I mean this.
In the first place, it doesn't matter to me how others dress up, so there's no need to be against it in the first place.

So why do I feel unsettled――――

"...I don't know." (Rintaro)
"You don't know?" (Rei)
"I've never thought about criticizing what others do......" (Rintaro)

After rinsing off the foam on my hands and placing the last dish in the draining basket, I pick up my vanilla ice cream from the freezer and sit on the couch, just like Rei.

"Sorry, it sounded like I was nagging you." (Rintaro)
"No, it's fine. I'm actually happy about it." (Rei)
"Huh, why?" (Rintaro)
"More importantly, your ice cream is melting, you know?" (Rei)

While feeling somewhat puzzled by Rei's happy attitude, I look down at my cup of ice cream.
Certainly, the edges have become soft, and it's clear that it has already started to melt from my body temperature.

"......That's true." (Rintaro)

Using the spoon, I scoop up the softened part and brought it to my mouth, savoring the unique smoothness of the slightly expensive ice cream as it slowly melts on my tongue.
This ice cream was given to me as a treat when I worked part-time at Yuzuki-sensei's place during the latter half of summer break, but it's good enough that I want to buy it with my own money next time.
It can even blow away my unsettled feelings――――.

"By the way, do boys wear butler uniforms too?" (Rei)
"Hmm? Yeah, that was the plan." (Rintaro)

If Kakihara or Doumoto wear it, they will look decent, and considering their popularity among girls, it'll also have an impact on attracting customers.
Yukio's butler appearance is also likely to be popular. He is quite popular among girls as well.

"Do you wear it too, Rintaro?" (Rei)
"Yeah. It seems like the cook and waitperson roles will be swapped between the first and second day, so I'm supposed to wear it at least once." (Rintaro)
"I see." (Rei)

What a strange conversation.
As I'm thinking that, Rei finishes her ice cream cup and turns towards me.

"Hey, Rintaro, do you want to see me in a maid outfit?" (Rei)
"H-huh!?" (Rintaro)

I almost drop my ice cream in surprise.
Somehow managing to regain my composure, I meet her gaze as she blinks like a curious child asking a simple question.

"I want to see it. The Rintaro in a butler outfit. I'm sure it'll look cool." (Rei)
"...You're expecting too much. It definitely won't be anything special." (Rintaro)
"No, I'm sure it will." (Rei)

Well, I don't usually take that much care in dressing myself up, so it might have some novelty――――.

"But I don't want others to see you in that butler outfit too much. I know I'm asking for too much, but I want to be the first one to see you in it. Just like with the swimsuit." (Rei)
"O-Oh... You're still curious as ever, huh?" (Rintaro)
"What about you, Rintaro?" (Rei)
"Pardon?" (Rintaro)
"Do you want to see me in a maid outfit?" (Rei)
"Well, um...... I do want to see it." (Rintaro)


I unintentionally let out a small voice.
Hearing me say so, Rei smiles.

Right now, I have just revealed the true nature of the uneasiness I have been feeling to her.
It is the same feeling that Rei has towards me――――.

"I-I'm going to go grocery shopping......" (Rintaro)
"At this hour?" (Rei)
"I don't have enough ingredients for tomorrow's lunchbox. If I don't go now, I won't make it in time for the morning." (Rintaro)
"......I guess that can't be helped. Lunchbox is important." (Rei)

Leaving Rei, who easily believes me when I mention the lunchbox, I stand up from the couch.
I only take my wallet, smartphone, and house keys, put on my sandals, and head outside.

"......I was impatient." (Rintaro)

I sit on the flower bed in front of the apartment building, exhaling and hanging my head.
I feel like I've said it many times before, but maybe only Otosaki Rei can shake me up like this in my entire life.
The time I spend with her is pleasant, but at the slightest provocation, my composure is blown away.
It's really lame to run away like this, but I can't help it anyway.

I look up at the sky to cool down my strangely heated cheeks.

"――――What are you doing?"

At that moment, I meet eyes with a familiar girl with red hair.

"Whoa!?" (Rintaro)
"WHY are you so surprised? Or...... did a sudden appearance of a beauty like me make you flustered!?" (Kanon)
"Phew, don't startle me, Kanon." (Rintaro)
"Huh? Was my voice too quiet? I didn't expect to be ignored!" (Kanon)
"I'm not ignoring you. We're having a conversation, looking at each other." (Rintaro)
"What too convenient ears you have there!" (Kanon)

As always, I can't help but laugh at Kanon's loud voice on the night street.
She has a bag for work and a hat to obscure her face.
Clearly, she is on her way home from her work.
When I look at her face, she seems more tired than usual.

"Are you just done with work? Good job." (Rintaro)
"Thanks. Well, shooting a music video for a single is a piece of cake for me." (Kanon)
"......You seem tired though." (Rintaro)
"......Well yeah. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to sleep like a log tonight." (Kanon)
"You must be really exhausted." (Rintaro)

At a time like this is my turn.

"Well, I have something special in my room――――Ah!" (Rintaro)
"Hmm? What's with that 'Oh no!' expression?" (Kanon)
"Well...... come to think of it, I left Rei in my room......" (Rintaro)
"Did you have a fight? It's rare to see you outside like this." (Kanon)
"It's not a fight...... It's just a little awkward, or rather, embarrassing." (Rintaro)

Upon hearing my words, which have unintentionally become softer, Kanon let out an exaggerated sigh.

In the second half of summer break, as promised, I went to buy a mug cup with Yukio. I vividly remember Yukio excitedly picking out a cup with a dolphin character similar to the one Rei and I used.

"By the way, how's your bass practicing?" (Yukio)
"Bass practicing? Umm... about that." (Rintaro)
"Huh? Is it not in good progress?" (Yukio)
"No, it's not that. I practice every day without fail, and I'm getting better――――I think. but I haven't practiced with the other two even once, so I can't really say." (Rintaro)
"I see... I'm not familiar with instruments, but it seems like it's quite difficult to harmonize with others." (Yukio)

I'm not a particularly cooperative person, and in terms of skills, I'm still a beginner who has been playing for less than a month.
To be honest, I've been anxious for about a week now, and there have been times when I didn't know what to do because my growth seemed to be slowing down.

"Right now, it's like this, but as the performance approaches, we're planning to rent a studio for practice, so I'm not too worried." (Rintaro)
"Heh, I see. I'm looking forward to seeing you play the bass, Rintaro. Do your best." (Yukio)
"Yeah, I'll do everything I can." (Rintaro)

I touch my fingertips, which have become hardened from pressing down on the strings all this time.
It makes me a little bit proud that I can be so engrossed in something other than household chores.

"Hmm...... Anyway, what's the afternoon class today?" (Rintaro)
"It's to decide what we're going to put on for the school festival. It's only a month left after all." (Yukio)

Our school has a lot of students, so the school festival itself is quite large.
Every class puts in all their efforts, and there are even new students who chose this school because they wanted to experience and participate in our school festival.
"Sigh, it's probably just because of Rei's casual remark that your pace is thrown off, right?" (Kanon)

Is she an esper or something?
Kanon seemed to have confirmed it when I stayed silent. She lets out another big sigh.
I never thought I would be astonished by her――――and it's quite frustrating.

"Since it’s such a common occurrence, it’s no use worrying about it. It's troublesome if you get all flustered just because you're involved with an idol!" (Kanon)
"Y-yeah... I know it." (Rintaro)

She's right.
Because I get too excited, I have weird expectations, and then get weirdly flustered.

――――Hmm, I'm starting to calm down and think rationally.

Finally, Shidou Rintaro felt like he has regained his footing on the ground.

"Thanks, Kanon. I've cooled my head." (Rintaro)
"......Is so, then that's good." (Kanon)

Kanon crosses her arms and smiles, as if she's relieved about something.
I don't know what that relief implies.
However, I know that it is something that leaked out against her will.

――――Therefore, I will pretend not to notice.

"Well then, show me that special thing you mentioned earlier." (Kanon)
"Sure. I won't let you down." (Rintaro)

I brush off the bit of sand on my pants and stand up.

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[End of Chapter]


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