Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 93

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for My Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 3 - The School Festival

24- The day before

"The costumes have arrived!"

On the day before the school festival, after school.

Girls carrying cardboard boxes rushed into our classroom where we remained.
Following them, Kakihara appears with an even larger cardboard box, placing it in front of us.

"Due to budget constraints, we tried to minimize the number of rentals, so some costumes may not fit perfectly. For now, please reuse them on the first and second days." (Yuusuke)

The floor personnel consists of three boys and three girls, rotating every two hours.
The kitchen personnel follows the same pattern, ensuring that each student participates in both the floor and kitchen duties for two hours each.

Originally, I planned to coordinate the schedule with Yukio. However, he was invited by a girl to join her, resulting in the cancellation of our plan.
To make things more interesting, the girl who invited Yukio was Miyamoto, the one who had invited him during the cooking practice.
It's great to see that his youth was progressing smoothly.

――――Although, when I told him this, for some reason, he pouted and displayed an attitude of discontent.
Despite our long association, there were still many aspects of Yukio that I couldn't comprehend.

"Since the interior preparations are already complete, those who can try on costumes today, please do so. After that, take it easy and rest. Let's do our best for the next two days!" (Yuusuke)


Encouraged by Kakihara, our classmates respond with spirited voices.

"Oh, Kakihara-kun. I have something I want to confirm with you in case trouble arises tomorrow. Do you have time?" (Azusa)
"Hmm? Yeah, I'm free. What's it?" (Yuusuke)
"Umm, let's see――――" (Azusa)

As we begin to disperse, I notice Nikaido approaching Kakihara.

Since Kakihara's return, preparations had progressed incredibly smoothly.
This was undoubtedly due to Nikaido's dedication and support, more than ever.

That day when Nikaido visited Kakihara's house, I didn't know exactly what the two talked about, but there was no doubt that their relationship had progressed.
It feels like things have fallen into their rightful place, or something like that.
In any case, at least one cause of my stomachache had disappeared.
If things continued like this, Kakihara's confession might go well――――or so I hoped.

"Rintaro, let's take our leave too?" (Yukio)
"Yeah, let's go." (Rintaro)

With our school bags slung over our shoulders, I follow Yukio leaving the classroom.
As we are on our way, we overhear the conversation of two girls near the door.

"Hey, hey, how do you think Otosaki-san will look in a maid outfit?"
"I can't wait! Plus, since we can see her up close, being in the same class is really awesome!"

――――Well, it's understandable.

In response to the girls' requests, the costumes of the floor personnel are the short-skirted type that you often see in maid cafes. The reason? Because it's cute.
There was a bit of debate as some boys insisted on classic maid outfits, but they eventually gave in to the pressure from the lively girls who were conscious of "the perfect shot."
......What a pathetic.

"......Rintaro, are you interested in seeing Otosaki-san in her maid outfit?" (Yukio)
"Huh? W-well, I guess? I mean, I'm a healthy guy, so...... to some extent." (Rintaro)
"......You pervert." (Yukio)
"I'll smack you." (Rintaro)

While exchanging light banter, Yukio and I walk home.

(Come to think of it...... It was tough in the end to show it first.)

As I gaze out of the train window, I recall my conversation with Rei.
She had expressed a desire to see me in a butler outfit before anyone else, but considering we couldn't take home the precious rented costume.
So in the end, I won't be the first to see Rei in her maid outfit either――――
I can accept that it can't be helped, but it's still disappointing.
I have plenty of perverted thoughts too, after all.

Arriving back at my apartment, I go through the auto-lock and stand in front of the door of my house.
As I unlock the door with my key and get inside, I notice something a little out of the ordinary.

"...There are more shoes." (Rintaro)

Neatly arranged at the entrance are shoes that Rei often wears.
Although she had suddenly taken a day off for a work meeting, it seemed she had already finished it.
Placing my foot on the hallway floor, thinking she is probably relaxing inside, the living room door opens, and Rei appears.


"Y-you..." (Rintaro)
"......Welcome home, Goshujin-sama." (Rei)

With those words, Rei bows beautifully.
Her attire is unmistakably a maid outfit... no, it is a costume of MilleSta, the one for their music videos. I had seen this costume in one of MilleSta's music videos on a video streaming site.

To me who is clearly flustered, Rei tilts her head.

"What's wrong, Rin――――I mean, Goshujin-sama?" (Rei)
"Ah, it's nothing......"(Rintaro)

What could I say?
A super idol wearing a costume that I had only seen through a screen, is now in the same space, breathing the same air.
It is so surreal that my mind can't keep up.

"Could it be... it didn't suit me?" (Rei)
"No, NONONO! Absolutely not!" (Rintaro)

Looking at Rei, who looked apologetic with her eyes downcast, I hurriedly denied.

"It suits you incredibly well! You look super cute... you know?" (Rintaro)
"Do I? I'm glad then." (Rei)

I blurted out my words in a fluster, so I smack my cheeks to regain my composure, and take a second look at Rei's appearance.

Yup, she's so charming that I'm at a loss for words.
She's gone all out with the makeup just for wearing this, and she looks even more put together than usual.

――――But seriously, think about this rationally.

Even just the everyday Otosaki Rei in her school uniform looks like she's from a different world, and now that she's enhanced that, what kind of effect will that have on me, who saw her up close?
I mean, wouldn't it be natural for my vocabulary to just melt away?
I guess this is what they call "Transcended*". ("限界化")
It's a word I've been hearing a lot in the MilleSta fan community recently, but I never thought I'd be using it myself.

"I couldn't show the costume I'm going to wear at the festival to you first, but I really wanted to show it... so I borrowed this costume from the agency." (Rei)
"You're really cute." (Rintaro)
"Huh... what's wrong? Rintaro." (Rei)
"My bad, I slipped." (Rintaro)

This is bad. This isn't like me at all.
If I don't start being able to give serious opinions soon, I feel like I'm just going to keep losing myself.
To begin with, when it comes to my taste in clothing, I'm more into styles that highlight the thighs, like hot pants or shorts. So, it's not like I have a maid outfit fetish or anything――――.

"......Ah." (Rintaro)

No, her thighs are really highlighted.
It's a costume for the live performance, so I'm sure the skirt is designed to handle vigorous movements, but there's definitely the absolute territory above the knees created firmly between the garter belt through the skirt.
Yeah, this might really get into my taste.

I don't want to be misunderstood, so I'll say it again and again. Although I'm desperately trying to hold back every day, I'm just a high school boy who can still get lustful. 
So it's only natural to get excited, right?

"Anyway, I'm glad you're pleased." (Rei)
"......Thanks. I wish I could have prepared something like a butler outfit too." (Rintaro)
"That can't be helped. I just happened to have the one I used in the music video." (Rei)

Surely, it's rarely the case that you just happen to have a butler's uniform.

"......Or rather, sorry. My shift as the floor personnel got moved to tomorrow." (Rintaro)

Right, I should have apologized for this first.
My shift as a floor personnel is on the first day, and as a kitchen personnel on the second.
Due to accommodating public customers, Rei can't attend on the first day.
In other words, I won't be able to show her myself in the butler outfit she wanted to see.
Originally, I thought I could show it during the costume fitting today.
But Rei's sudden absence messed up the plan.

"My work timing was bad too. So, I'm the one who should be sorry. But, it's nothing to worry about." (Rei)

Saying that, Rei puffs out her chest.
Her facial expression remains as usual, but I have a feeling she's thinking something bad.

"I have a great idea." (Rei)

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[End of Chapter]

"限界化": Genkaika
“限界化(げんかいか)” [Genkaika] is short for “限界(げんかい)オタク化(か)” [Genkai otaku-ka] verb (needs “する” after it).
An otaku has reached the limit of something he/she should keep as a person and has abandoned even his/her dignity as a person. Or masochism.
General meaning
限界 means limit, 化 means -ification, 
限界化 means It already reached its limits.
Refers to a state in which one has lost one’s sense of reason and has come to shout and express love according to one’s instincts.
Mainly incoherent speech and behavior (but we know that he/she is expressing his/her love for something) due to his/her language circuits being out of control.
(source: Yukitti-jp)

Genkai Otaku refers to a person who has reached the limit of his/her feelings towards his/her favorites, such as idols, actors, anime/game characters, etc. It is also called limiting.
The word "genkai otaku'' was originally often used with a negative meaning, but as otaku culture has become more widely known due to the influence of social media, there are more opportunities for the word to be used with positive overtones.
When you like someone so much that you end up acting in a way that hurts them, you use phrases like "I've become a nerd to the limit'' or "I've reached my limit''.
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