Lort Kuzuma - 14

Childhood Friends Became Popular Idols ~The Sweet Girls Are Supporting Me~

Osananajimi-tachi ga Ninki Idol ni Natta ~Amaamana Kanojotachi wa Ore ni Mitsuide Kurete iru~

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14 - That's it, let's bribe her

"By the way, the reason why I was late is because I got tangled up with a weirdo in the morning."
"A weirdo?"
"Is it that Ijuuin?"

Setsuna and Arisa's gaze simultaneously turned to Ijuuin.

"Ho-hoooooooooooo!!!??? S-Setsuna-sama and Arisa-sama are looking at me!!! Is this a dream? Am I hallucinating? H-Himeno, please capture this scene right now!!! Himenoooo!!!"

Immediately, Ijuuin's face turned bright red and she began to make a fuss.
Despite glaring at me earlier as if cursing me, she was truly a self-serving person.
In fact, Ijuuin was seen as a weird person by Setsuna and Arisa, but not knowing the truth might sometimes be a blessing, as she was happily jumping around without a care in the world.

"Good grief, she's becoming so down bad and it's embarrassing. The young lady's DimenS fangirling tendency is pretty troubling."
"Indeed, you're absolutely right..., Hmm?"

As I thought about that, I nodded in agreement to the voice I heard from behind, but quickly realized it wasn't my childhood friends' voices.

So who was it then? I wondered and turned my gaze toward the direction of the voice, where a black-haired girl with a headband was standing quietly with an expressionless face.

"The name is Ichinose Himeno, Kuzuhara-sama. I am the attendant and maid of Young Lady Reika, and recently transferred here."

It finally rang a bell when she said her name.

"Aah, you're Ijuuin's maid. Sorry, I was slow to notice."

Now that she mentioned it, she was always with Ijuuin.
Ijuuin's character was so strong that I was distracted by that, but she was also a new classmate who had just transferred.
She's wearing our school uniform now, but the impression of her maid outfit on our first meeting was too strong.
I apologized in a hurry, and Ichinose slowly shook her head.

"No, please don't worry about it. More importantly, I apologize for the trouble by the young lady Reika. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience."
"No, it's not that...... well, it happens constantly, though."

I tried to deny her apology, but I couldn't.
It was a fact that she bothered me every morning.
There's nothing I can do about it.

"Hey, Himeno! Why are you talking to Kuzuhara Kazuma? Get away from him right now! His scumminess will infect you! Also, it's unfair to get so close to DimenS members! Even I'm refraining from being close to them except during class!"

She was still yelling at me.
Not only loud in appearance but also in behavior, she was just a really troublesome person.

"Ichinose-san, even though Ijuuin-san said that, is it okay for you not to go?"
"Yes. To be honest, it's a lot of trouble being near the young lady and being asked to do various things, so I want to be free when I'm at school. When I'm near DimenS or Kuzuhara-sama, the young lady won't come near me, so can I stay here as well?"

In response to Setsuna's question, Ichinose the maid's answer was straightforward.
I strongly agreed with her opinion, but I wonder if it was okay for a maid to show such little loyalty to her master.

"Oh, well, I'm fine with it, but are you two okay?"
"I'm okay."
"I'm used to having people around. I don't mind."

Although they seemed slightly flustered, my childhood friends nodded.
Well, they are both active idols, so they're not the type to be shy around people.
So, here we have two active idols, a maid, and a handsome guy, creating quite a luxurious and gorgeous gathering.

"Thank you. That was a big help."
"Don't worry about it. We help each other out when we're in trouble, right?"
"Yeah. But Kazuma, your hand stopped. You should stroke my head more."
"Yes, yes."
"Ah, mine too."
"Okay, okay."

Arisa urged, and Setsuna joined in, so I continued to stroke their heads. While we were doing that, Ichinose observed us with a curious expression.

"You all seem to get along well, don't you."
"Well, we're childhood friends after all... By the way, continuing from what I said earlier, I got tangled up with a senior this morning. He's some shallow playboy who seems to be targeting the DimenS members other than you two. He was quite handsome, and just in case, be careful you two."
"Hee, I see. Understood."
"Mm, Got it."

The two nodded as I reported what happened in the morning.
I think it'll be okay. But it would be troublesome if they got tangled up with such a weird guy.
There's no guarantee that there won't be scumbags trying to extort money from them.

(Now, after all, it's about the Ijuuin and the others.)

Leaving Arisa and Setsuna to deal with that shallow playboy senior, the immediate issue is here.
The influence of the fan club, led by Ijuuin, was getting stronger against me day by day, so it was better to deal with it sooner rather than later.
But I don't think they'll be satisfied with half-hearted measures.
After all, they are all big fans of the DimenS.
The obsession of those idol otakus is not something to be underestimated.

"Is something troubling you, Kuzuhara-sama?"

As I was thinking, Ichinose spoke to me.
It seemed like it showed on my face. The source of the trouble lay with this girl's master, but even if I were to talk about it, it would only cause trouble for her.

"No, there's no..."

As I was about to say that there was nothing, my words stopped.
Looking at the headdress on top of Ichinose's head, which was still standing there with an icy expressionless face, brought up an idea to my mind.

"......A maid, huh?"

I then turned my gaze to my childhood friends.
They were active idols, and both of them had outstanding beauty.
They were currently in their school uniforms, but as idols, they had many opportunities to wear various costumes, and I'd heard that they also do gravure work.


Having my hand stopped, they both looked up at me and looked puzzled.
Leaving behind my childhood friends after I told them "I have some business to attend to", I headed for Ijuuin.

"Kuzuhara Kazuma...! Are you trying to trap even Himeno as well! You scum! I won't let you do that......"
"Hey, Ijuuin, I have something to talk to you about."

And then, I spoke to the furious Ijuuin.

"Don't you want cosplay photos of Setsuna and Arisa? And not just any, but freshly taken ultra-rare ones that will never be circulated in the market."

The moment I uttered those words, Ijuuin's eyes widened in surprise.
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[End of Chapter]


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